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ovulation test results while pregnant

Positive Ovulation Test While Pregnant? | Mom Answers | BabyCenter
Positive Ovulation Test While Pregnant? | Mom Answers | BabyCenter
19 Mar 2008 ... Is it possible to have an ovulation test positive if you are already pregnant? ... I took a preg test this morning, and while i was waiting for the result I took an ovulation test, bc I knew that with the way I have been feeling, somethin

Negative Ovulation Tests= PREGNANT??? | Mom Answers ...
15 Feb 2013 ... Djpurity, I apologize for being a bit misleading in the wording of my question; when I said 19 out of 20 were negative, I had taken 19 tests at that point & they had all been negative--I hadn't taken the 20th yet--but when I did take ovulation test results while pregnant Ovulation Test as Pregnancy Test | Early-Pregnancy-Tests.comA positive result on an ovulation test taken after you have missed a period could definitely indicate that you are pregnant. Read more... What are Ovulation Test Results if You are Pregnant? - ConceiveEasyIf you plan to use an ovulation predictor kit as a pregnancy test, it is important that you take the test after you have missed your period. If the test is positive at this time, it is likely that you are pregnant. While an ovulation predictor kit is ty
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