drug-related damage of the ageing gastrointestinal tract anatomy

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Birth control pill faq benefits risks and choices - mayo clinic
Birth control pill faq benefits risks and choices - mayo clinic
Birth control pills were once only packaged as 21 days of active hormone pills and seven days of placebo pills. While taking placebo pills, menstrual period-like bleeding occurs.

Because there is no way of knowing if any particular problem is actually a side effect of the medication, only vague information is available about side effects of birth control pills. Several factors play a role in determining which side effects are likely (or unlikely) to occur, including the strength of the estrogen, the type of progestin, and the dose of progestin. The prescribing information for all birth control pills simply lists side effects seen with birth control pills in general, instead of side effects for a specific product. Based on information available, some of the common birth control pill side effects include but are not limited to: Women are often concerned about weight gain due to birth control pills, but recent research suggests that birth control pills do not cause weight gain for most women eMedTV serves only as an informational resource. Certain birth control pill side effects are more serious and require immediate medical attention, such as depression, pain in the calf, and migraines. Specific side effect information, such as how frequently they occur, is not provided. Your healthcare provider can discuss a more complete In clinical studies for most medications, one group of people is given the actual medication, while another group is given a placebo (a "sugar pill" with no active ingredients).

Types of birth control pills oral contraceptives - drugs com
What Are Birth Control Pills? Birth control pills are an oral pill that a woman can take every day to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills stop the ovaries from releasing eggs and thickens the cervical mucus, which keeps sperm from fertilizing the egg. birth control placebo pill ingredients What birth control pill brands are out there - healthlineMillions of American women use the birth control pill every month. Whatever your reasons for using birth control, you should work closely with your doctor to ensure that you find a pill that suits . Missed taking your birth control pill heres what to do nextWhat action you take when you have missed taking one or more pills depends upon what type of birth control pill you use. You should review the specific patient package insert that accompanies your birth control pill pack and contact your healthcare provider for the most specific instructions on what to do if you miss one or more birth control pills.
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