drug-related damage of the ageing gastrointestinal tract anatomy

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low dose antibiotics and birth control pills

low dose antibiotics and birth control pills - Yahoo Answers Results
low dose antibiotics and birth control pills - Yahoo Answers Results
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If you are taking any of the listed antibiotics along with birth control pills, physicians recommend that you use a second of birth control to be on the safe side. You can also choose a pill based on dose; pills may have 20 mcg, 35 mcg, or 50 mcg of estrogen. To determine how much estrogen your birth control pill contains, look for the strength of "ethinyl estradiol," the estrogen used in most birth control pills.

Since there are so many different types of birth control pills to choose from, talk to your healthcare provider about the right one for you. There is no way of knowing if you are in that percentage until it is too late. Birth control pills can be classified by dose, hormone content, and phases. Although there are varying degrees to which antibiotics may affect hormonal birth control, there are certain drugs which doctors say can cause decreased effectiveness.

Types of Birth Control Pills - Women Home Page - eMedTV
There are many types of birth control pills available, including progestin-only and combined pills. This eMedTV page explains how birth control pills are categorized ... low dose antibiotics and birth control pills How to Use Birth Control Pills (with Pictures) - wikiHowHow to Use Birth Control Pills. Birth control pills use hormones to prevent pregnancy in a few different ways, depending on the pill. Combination birth control pills ... Antibiotics and Birth Control | LoveToKnowIncludes: do antibiotics impact birth control pills?, drugs to avoid, use a second form of contraception, and alert your physician to any medication use.
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